The RAW project opens a new line of research in the artist’s work, which begins to explore issues related visible and invisible forces and the experience of violent action in his body. The concepts of insecurity, uncertainty and risk brought by the CORPO RUÍDO / NOISE BODY series are still present in this project.

The performance that is the center of CRU / RAW consisted of the construction of a frontal crash of two cars driven by the artist Paula Garcia and a professional stunt man and was held on March 17, 2020 at ARCA, a closed building of 9,000 square meters located in Vila Leopoldina in São Paulo. The public could not watch the live performance because we are in a global emergency due to the Covid-19 virus. The performance was broadcast live through  MAI website: https://mai.art/cru

The performance was conducted with the collaboration of a team of specialists in different areas, ensuring its performance with the maximum safety factors, preparing the artist’s body, from the vehicle to the control distance, speed and impact point, all elements of action were studied and calculated for the action space.

The creation of this confrontation creates multiple symbolic developments: the relationship between human action and forces external to it, the fragility of body image as a record as an element of reframing. To register, Paula Garcia partnered with Tandera Filmes to produce a documentary film with CRU / RAW as a starting point to discuss concepts of image, body and performance, based on the artist’s creative process.

Video credit: Tandera Films

Video credit: Tandera Films

Live streaming video documentation
Video credit: Tandera Films

ARTE1 channel’s – Arte em Movimento program about CRU / RAW – Paula Garcia performance.
Performance: Paula Garcia
Produced by Paula Garcia, Tandera Filmes and Trem Chic
Support: Arca and FLAGGX
Performance: CRU/RAW

Performers: Paula Garcia and Cesar Nascimento Hernandes

Audiovisual coordination: Tandera Filmes + Trem Chic
Direction: Leonardo Barcelos
Executive Production: Andre Hallak
Director of Photography: Vagner Jabour

Location: ARCA – São Paulo / SP (Brazil)
Event coordination: Kiko Ribeiro
Coordination cars: Dublês Brasil