#9 Noise Body – Paula Garcia

#9 Noise Body performance held on SouthBank center in London is part of a series of performances in which Paula Garcia covers her body with neodymium magnets, while collaborators cover these magnets with industrial pieces of iron until her body disappears under this rubbish and entire magnetized spaces where it performs within. The concept of “Body Noise” represents a body that is defined by the sum of three factors: precariousness, uncertainty and risk. Magnets are elements that serve to discuss the concept of forces. Not just the invisible subjective type, but also the more evident type of social forces that work to consolidate a system of power that ends up shaping things like bodies, feelings, subjectivities and truths. In these performances, she tries to show disassembled bodies, collapsing. Ultimately, what Garcia proposes in her actions is a performative use of her “body as a material support in which forms of conflict are inscribed”.

The entire Queen Elizabeth Hall – backstage and all – transforms into the set for enthralling durational performances, curated by conceptual artist Marina Abramović and MAI.

The performances use the entirety of the Queen Elizabeth Hall, and is self-led, letting you explore all parts of the building, including the auditorium, Purcell Room, backstage dressing rooms, green rooms, technical spaces and foyer.

The artists have all been invited to make site-specific, long-durational work. They engage with endurance, presence and participation, creating an infinite possibility of encounters between visitors and artists.
The artists featured are Collective Absentia, Carla Adra, Cassils (appearing Wed 4 – Fri 6 Oct only), Paula Garcia, Miles Greenberg, Sandra Johnston, Carlos Martiel, Yiannis Pappas, Paul Setúbal, Aleksandar Timotic and Despina Zacharopoulou.

Marina Abramović is participating on Wednesday 4 October and Sunday 8 October (session one) and is also present at various other times during the takeover.

Paula Garcia collaborators: Luis Figueiredo de Mesquita, Artem Pylypenko, Vivian Magalhães and Martina O’Shea